Joanne Urban | About
Twenty-five years ago, on the way to another profession, Joanne Urban discovered
photography quite by accident. Needing an art elective, she somehow signed up for
Photography 101, fell into the dektol, and never looked back.

While her formal training began with film and the wet darkroom, she now utilizes digital
capture and Photoshop in the digital darkroom. Joanne creates in-camera images with
her assorted digital cameras and camera-less images with her flat bed scanner. Her
work reflects the aesthetic of the traditional black and white darkroom processes. Drawn
to detail, simple composition, texture and pattern, her imagery is a visual and emotional
response to the commonplace.

In addition to producing her own award winning work, Joanne offers services such as
custom printing, and photographic retouch and restoration. She also teaches the camera-less
technique and Photoshop for photographers.